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Capsule 1 – inside/outside premiered March 10, 2014

The two-hour maiden voyage of the Soundscraper project went off as planned at Center for New Music in San Francisco, California on Monday, March 10. It was also streamed live to the web.

Over 20 people participated in the performance by streaming live sound feeds from their locations, making the performance possible. (Here is the list of many of the participants.)

The first 30 minutes of the performance was not recorded, however the final 90 minutes is archived and available for playback here.

The SoundCloud links above provide three brief audio excerpts from the live performance.

The next Soundscraper performance is now being prepared. Details will be posted here.

Soundscraper premieres “Capsule 1 – inside/outside” – live crowdsourced soundscaping

The first performance by the Soundscraper project will take place at Center for New Music in San Francisco, California on Monday, March 10, from 8:00 to 10:00 PM PDT (March 11, 3:00 to 5:00 AM GMT). The mixer-performer for the night will be Thom Blum (San Francisco, California, USA).

If you cannot be at Center for New Music you can tune into the performance as it is streamed live to the following Web page

Live sound streams that will be mixed and processed during this performance will be provided by the following participants from their locations: Officerfishdumplings (Casablanca, Morocco), Jim Bisso (El Cerrito, California, USA), Matt Ingalls (Oakland, California, USA), Constantine Katsiris (Vancouver, B.C., Canada), Laura Krasnow (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA), Stefani Ku (San Rafael, California, USA), Keith de Mendonca (Bangalore, India), Suki O’Kane (Oakland, California, USA), Jon Panther (Sydney, Australia), Ron Pelletier (Kensington, California, USA), Tim Perkis (Albany, California, USA), Jim Schrempp (San Carlos, California, USA), Scott Steelman (Columbus, Ohio, USA), Eric Steinberg (San Francisco, California, USA), Sami Tabla (San Francisco, California, USA), Jim Wheaton (Sebastopol, California, USA).