Soundscraper – How to create a live audio stream

Obtaining, installing, and using live-streaming applications

To send a live audio stream during a Soundscraper performance, live-streaming software is required. We recommend Ustream. Here are the steps required to stream your environment to the mix. If you would like further assistance with this process contact
Participants are responsible for any and all phone and data charges incurred. Please check with your data plan before live streaming.
Installing the Ustream software on the device(s) you will use for streaming
1. Point the Web browser on your laptop/desktop computer, phone, or tablet to this current page, and then click or tap the Ustream icon/link below.
From a phone or tablet, pressing this icon prompts you to install the Ustream app. You will not get a sign-up or login screen until you launch the Ustream app and press the small video camera icon in the upper righthand corner of the screen.
From a laptop or desktop computer, pressing the Ustream icon/link above will open a Ustream page in your browser. Then you can then sign up for a free Ustream account.
When signing up for Ustream be sure to use an “E-MAIL address” account only, not an account associated with your Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.
2. E-mail your Ustream account name to Soundscraper will become your “follower” so that e-mail is automatically sent whenever you start a live-streaming session.

Starting a new live-streaming session
3. Log in to Ustream and begin a live stream by tapping on the video camera button in the upper righthand corner. On a phone or tablet a viewfinder screen will then appear. To start streaming press the red circular button on the the righthand side. Once streaming starts you will see a timer counting the seconds.
After streaming begins most of the controls will disappear, but you can tap anywhere in the viewfinder and they will come back.
From a laptop or desktop computer, Ustream runs on the Ustream Web site. Clicking the video camera button in the upper righthand corner opens the Ustream (Web) Broadcaster. Start streaming by clicking the “Start Broadcast” button. To automatically notify Soundscraper that you are now streaming, click the “U” button followed by the button labeled “Share”. (Both buttons are located in the panel on the right of the viewfinder.)
Note that in the Web-based Ustream Broadcaster, you can turn off video by unchecking the box, located below the viewfinder, labeled “Camera”. This reduces the bandwidth required to stream since only audio, not video, will be sent.

Stopping a live-streaming session
4. To end the streaming session on a phone or tablet tap the red square button on the righthand side of the screen. Press the “Save” button to save the stream on the Ustream server for later playback, or the “Cancel” button which will not save the stream. Tap the “Done” button to leave the viewfinder screen. On a laptop or desktop computer click the “Stop Broadcast” button located under the viewfinder window. The streaming session is now stopped.

Here is a link to the score, or timetable, for the upcoming performance.

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